6 Brand Friendly Employee Gifts
By Nicholette Ivany

Are you thinking of rewarding your employees for their hard work over the last year? Look no further, Westmount Laser Services can make that happen for you! Purchasing gifts with a meaning will make your employees feel more appreciated for their work. 


By creating and using your own ideas, your products will come out more unique and also give you a chance to build brand awareness for your company, and who wouldn’t want that?

Westmount Laser Services has many options for you to choose from so you can make your employee feel as though they are respected and acknowledged in the workplace, see a list of our suggests below.


We offer many types of coasters, such as laser engraved, sublimation coasters, All can have different designs add. You can add pictures of your brand’s logo or pictures that are related to your brand.

Your employees would be able to use a gift like this for their cottage, trailer or summer home. Westmount Laser Services will do it’s best to create your vision.  


Westmount Laser Services only offers laser engraving for pens that are made of metal. We can do many different types of designs on your chosen pen such as lettering, & engraved designs.

This would be a perfect present for employees in an office setting the requires them to do a lot of writing. Be thoughtful and unique.


We all know that if employees are required to come in early, they are obviously drinking their morning coffee or tea before they are required to be there. So why not create a custom mug around your brand so your employees are provided with mugs.

They wouldn’t have to buy their own mug for the office.It is a gift that the would make your employees happy every time they looked at it. We can make your vision happen!


Are you thinking of representing your company through what your employees wear? Westmount Laser Services offers customizable apparel in polyester form only. Why not create branded shirts or sweaters for your employees so they can wear them to work or even outside of work.

This would create brand awareness for your company. There are many other options that can be put onto our shirts and hoodies. It is all up to your imagination.

Water Bottles

Are you thinking of make your company an eco-friendly brand? Gifting brand-friendly water bottles to your employees could help end single-use plastic use in your office.

This will also promote your employees to maybe use this approach in their daily life. Create a signature metal water bottle with us today and start clean earth innovations. Contact via email or phone to participate!

Phone Cases

We all know every single employee has a cell phone that they use every day. So why not create a custom brand-friendly phone case for your employees to use? Therefore this will gain the company brand awareness from outside the company’s regulars.

Therefore create a signature metal water bottle with us today and start clean earth innovations. Either way, we enjoy making creative ideas come to life! Contact us today via phone or email, to make it a reality



If you have any other ideas that weren’t mentioned here let us know, so we can start creating your ideas. If you have any other questions please email us at david@westmountlaser.com  or call us at 519.885.1400, and remember, were cutting it close!

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