The Benefits of Giving Awards
By: Nicholette Ivany

Awards are a gesture of recognition for certain individuals, in a corporate, sport or education setting.



A corporate award is defined as marketing event at which customers or members of the media are the target audience, by rewarding specific achievements, that you identify as behaviors that are desired and valuable in a given corporate work setting. Sport Awards recognizes and celebrates the achievements of talented sportsmen & women, coaches, volunteers, and organizations all over the world. Education Awards recognize, encourage and celebrate excellence in the academic field.


What is Each Style is Meant For?


They are usually used in a corporate setting, formal occasions and events, for the purpose of being tangible. Above all plaques are made for historical purpose not to mention, these reminders are typically held in the workplace as a piece of achievement in the office.


Plaques boosts morale, not to mention it makes employees feel motivated thus creating an improved work flow within the office. Furthermore being awarded a plaque could boost a person’s self-confidence, while continuing to feel good about their accomplishments. Although this may be true, most of the time, people are unaware of the qualities they have. With this in mind, when they are awarded for the chosen qualities demonstrated, people will start to recognize what they are capable of producing.

Above all it can boost a person’s enthusiasm and respect in the related workplace. In reality, passion is increased because of what the person has accomplished. After all more work-related goals are created and accomplished. Additionally, this is something that an employee can add as an accomplishment on their resume.

Do you want to recognize an employee, an association or an organization? Plaques are a great way to say your thanks or recognition that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to create custom laser cut plaques!


Trophies are made for tangible purposes as well as durability purposes. In addition trophies can be direct reminder of a specific event, because this award is one that is taken into your personal possession. Then again trophies are usually purchased for sporting events.


Trophies help achieve recognition, in addition, a physical award helps employees realize what they have been recognized for. At the same time trophies boost job satisfaction, given that when employees are not satisfied with the job they are doing, not as much effort will be put in. With this in mind, when you present employees with physical awards, they feel valued and motivated. Employees are than recognized for their credibility for the purpose of giving credit where credit is due.

Awarded employees also build a good reputation for your company, after all your business name will be recognized, and people will remember your established company. Accomplishments will also attract more people to your establishment, not to mention, having a good reputation helps drive employees, and if the public is seeing that your company cares about its employees, they will want to join your accomplished team.

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Medals are designed to commemorate a person, place, or event. In addition they can be various of sizes and shapes, ranging from large medallions to small plaques, or plaquettes. Medals are made using regular metal or of gold, or silver, however they usually are given as prizes in various types of competitive activities. not to mention medals have endless uses, at the same time, more then one person at an event can be awarded with a medal.


Medals stand out spectacularly from other awards. Not to mention they can be customized for a specific cause and engraved with a specific design while still being unique. Above all medals also boosts equality, granted that each person can get a medal for a different achievement.

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