Why Should You Have Promotional Products at Events?
By: Nicholette Ivany

Do you have any promotional events coming up this year? Why not create a list of products you should get to increase traffic for your company? Promotional products create brand awareness because a high number of potential customers can find out about your company.

You could attract new partnerships, people may drop off their email or business cards because they may be interested in working with you. Event marketing helps increase the number of sales your company achieves over the sales year, and if it is done right, you will create an authentic product that adds to the value of your company.


Features, Advantages, Benefits


  • Your promo products will add established value to your message.
  • Create an employee incentive program so all employees have a maintained commitment to the promotion of the company.
  • Your customers and employees will collaborate and become your voluenteered ambassadors.
  • If your products are thought out and executed properly your products will be cost reduced.
  • All of your products should be tangible objects.
  • Your products will be made different from your competitors.
  • Having sustainable products is a new trend.
  • Creating duel functional products is more influenced.


  • Your promotional products will strengthen your industry developed position. Therefore running a successful branded event will positively affect your attendees.
  • Your engagement and retention is boosted. Furthermore, you will enhance business relationships that you already have. This will show demostated commitment to your partnerships and customers.
  • A brand experience is a good way to communicate and interactive with your determined clients.
  • Promotional events will give you access to helpful ensured advertising space.
  • All of your products are useful and planned.


  • Your brand awareness will be increased.
  • You will establish and grow discovered relationships.
  • Customer loyalty for your business will be increased.
  • By having unique customized products, it will help promote your brands’ established values.
  • Your products will be cost-effective and budget friendly.

Promotional Products We Offer



Westmount Laser Services offers many types of useful personalized coasters, which can have many designs added to the coasters. Not to mentions you could also have a picture of your brand’s logo or something that has an publicized association with your brand designed. As a matter of fact, your customers would be able to use a product like this for their cottage, trailer or summer home. However your customers will use this promotional product, Westmount Laser Services will do it’s best to create your vision because why wouldn’t someone want to a promo product that will furthermore be used over and over again for their customers.


Westmount Laser Services only offers laser engraving for pens that are made of metal. As a matter of fact  if you were thinking of creating your vision with a plastic pen, we will give you other options. Not to mention we can do many different types of designs on your chosen pen such as lettering, & engraved designs. In addition, this would be the perfect promo products for your customers that work in an office setting. With this in mind, be thoughtful and unique, and Contact us today via email or phone with your ideas!


We all know that if employees are needed to come in early, they are drinking their morning coffee or tea before they are required to be there. As a matter of fact some may want coffee or tea when they arrive at the office, with that in mind why not create a custom mug around your brand so your customers are provided with mugs. In other words they wouldn’t have to buy their own for the office. Westmount Laser Services can make your vision happen! Contact us today via phone or email!


Are you thinking of presenting your company through what your employees and customers wear? Westmount Laser Services offers personalized apparel in polyester form only. In other words why not create branded shirts or sweaters, that will be worn to create brand awareness.  As a result your employees and customers will be proud of your brand, for this reason you should give them a product that they will wear proudly. There are many other options that can be put onto our shirts and hoodies, it is all up to your imagination, contact us today via phone or email!

Water Bottles

Are you thinking of make your company an eco-friendlier brand? Gifting brand-friendly water bottles to your employees or customers will additionally help end single-use plastic consumption in local offices. Not to mention this will also promote your employees or customers to use this tactic in their life. Create a signature metal water bottle with us today and start clean earth innovations. 

Phone Cases 

We know every single employee or customer has a cell phone that are being used every day. With this in mind,  you should create a custom brand-friendly phone case your employees or customers be inclined to use. In addition your product will gain the company brand awareness from outside the company. Regardless, we enjoy making creative ideas come to life!


Why not create stickers of your brand’s logo or tagline to give out to customers at promotional events, not to mention this will create additional brand awareness for your company, call us today with your ideas!


If you have any other ideas that weren’t mentioned here let us know, so we can start creating your ideas. If you have any other questions please email us at david@westmountlaser.com or call us at 519.885.1400, and remember, were cutting it close

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